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Can I obtain a copy of my invoice?

To request your rental invoice, you must send us an email to indicating the number of your rental contract.

Can I make the payment at one office and pick up the vehicle at a different office?

Yes, you can make the payment at one office and collect it at a different one.

Can I rent the vehicle on behalf of a company or legal entity?

Yes, you can rent the vehicle in the name of a company or legal person

What is a Rental Agreement?

The Rental Agreement is the formal contract between the tenant and the landlord.

What is the contract number?

The contract number provides access to the contractual conditions.

What payment methods are accepted at Quadis Rent a Car?

At Quadis Rent a Car we only accept credit card payments from these operators: VISA, MasterCard or American Express. We do not accept cash payments.

Are traffic fines and penalties the responsibility of the renter?

If during the rental of the vehicle a fine or penalty is imposed, they will be borne by the lessee.

Can I rent a vehicle if I only have a debit card?

No, currently it is mandatory to present a valid credit card in the name of one of the holders of the rental contract.